Welcome to IMAS

The International Museum of Art & Science is a Smithsonian Affiliate and fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. IMAS is the premier art and science museum of South Texas and contains over 50,000 square feet of exhibit space. The IMAS galleries host a number a revolving art and science exhibits each year. The museum provides a unique opportunity for visitors to participate in hands-on science exhibits and to learn original works of art while encouraging creativity and innovation. IMAS’ Permanent Collection includes Folk Art, Fine Art, Decorative Art and a modest Geological Collection.

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7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags!

IMAS is joining forces with thousands of other museums worldwide to spread the word on museums. Help us to show how great museums are by telling us your stories via social media. Use the following 7 hashtags beginning Monday, March 23 – Sunday, March 29.

  • Monday: #secretsMW #imasmuseum 
    Museums and cultural establishments from all over the globe welcome you to their everyday world and introduce you to work behind the scenes… and perhaps a few well-kept secrets!
  • Tuesday: #souvenirsMW #imasmuseum 
    Share your souvenirs and memories of visits: photos, mugs, books, postcards, encounters and special moments!
  • Wednesday: #architectureMW #imasmuseum 
    Explore the history, architectural heritage, gardens and surroundings of museums.
  • Thursday: #inspirationMW #imasmuseum 
    Now it’s your turn to create and share for posterity! Art, science, history and ethnography are all around us. To your smartphones!
  • Friday: #familyMW #imasmuseum 
    With the weekend almost here, prepare family visits or upcoming school trips with advice and tips from the museums themselves.
  • Sataurday: #favMW #imasmuseum 
    Now the weekend has begun, share your special favourites (works, conferences, locations, etc.) in 140-character messages, videos, photos or Vines.
  • Sunday: #poseMW #imasmuseum 
    This last day of #MuseumWeek 2015 is all about creativity! Poses, memes or selfies… it’s up to you!